Carbonfiber Dynamics -

a company founded in 2010 in Dortmund middle of the Ruhr area - in this country also called Kohlenpott - which has taken up the flag to give the topic coal entirely new attributes: beauty, elegance and mainly sportsmanship. Carbonfiber Dynamics is a young and modern company that specializes in the needs of vehicle aesthetes and racing fans. Our dynamic team offers you competence and service around the carbon equipment of your vehicles. The already for several years in motorsport established material carbon fiber - called in English also carbon - provides tuning experts the possibility of a robust, lightweight and thus a significant improvement in performance of their racing cars. Primarily reserved the genre of racing, carbon more and more become a commonplace used material which again can be found in many areas - be it at the aviation, with various sporting equipment, or even in the medical field. In addition to our wide range of finished goods stock we can also meet your individual needs when it comes to the carbon lamination of any parts of your car.